Best Auto Repair Shop in Lynbrook

Car service and servicing of other vehicles hold an essential place in your smooth drive. For the best truck and car mechanical services in Lynbrook, trust Breeze Auto Service. We have expert technicians that make our auto repairs shop one of the best Lynbrook service centres. Our auto repair services offer a wide range of facilities such as clutch & brake repair, car suspension & car tyre puncture repair services for Lynbrook and other suburbs of the city. Our accessible location makes you reach us easily and smoothly.

Our Range of Services Includes:

Breeze Auto Service offer a wide range of truck and car mechanic services. These are carried out by our well-trained truck and car repair specialists. The services include:

  1. Brake and clutch repair:

    Your car’s brake, brake lines, brake fluid can suffer from regular wear and tear or a sudden failure due to pressure applied on brakes while starting, slowing down, stopping your vehicle etc. Similarly, your clutch also suffers and may indicate its wear and tear by loud noises. Do not wait for malfunction or a snag, timely servicing is essential.

    Our automotive specialists are trained to service and repair the automotive brake and clutch of your vehicle. At our Lynbrook auto repair branch, we let you know the problems in the brakes and clutch of your truck and car at the earliest. As it is critical for the safety of your vehicle. We can help you detect:

    • Worn out pads and thus, help in timely replacement of shoes
    • Wheel bearings, and helping in repacking, if it is required
    • Lubrication of specific components and refilling oil if required
    • Wear and tear in rotor and drum and replace them in need
    • Inspecting other components and replacing them in need
    • Problems in parking brake and adjusting it

    We perform a road test to ensure the entire braking system is operating properly. Major Service and minor service of cars and trucks on a timely basis help save you from emergencies and loss of money and life. For this purpose, we have the clutch and brake specialists in our auto service centre.

  1. Truck and car aircon repair:

    Included in car and truck repairs are the mechanical repairs of the air conditioners of your vehicle. Apart from brake & clutch specialists, we have truck and car aircon technicians to resolve problems with your vehicles’ air conditioners.

    A broken belt or a non-working refrigerant and compressor can cause you a difficult journey. At our shop, we aim to help you when your air conditioner blows only hot air from the vents, your air conditioner blows cold air sporadically, you experience noises when you run your air conditioner.

    We check whether your air conditioning compressor drive belt has cracks or is damaged, if any of the components of your air conditioner is leaking or is damaged, whether lines, hoses, seals, and other system components are leaking.

    After thorough checking, we can help in evacuating refrigerant from the system, recharging the system using the appropriate refrigerant, performing necessary servicing on compressor, evacuator, condenser, and electrical controls. We recheck the system to ensure proper operation before handing it over to you.

  1. Car Tyre Repair:

    You can get punctured car tyres repaired by us. Your vehicle’s tyres can have regular wear and tear as you constantly drive and fluctuate the speed of your vehicle. We may change your tyre or repair it as the situation demands. Along with it, we can help in checking the engine, battery and charging service.

Why Should You Hire Us?

There are many reasons which will motivate you to book us in the times your vehicle needs regular servicing or breaks down on road. Some of them are:

  1. We offer services in an affordable price range:

    Being competitive in our field makes us offer the best services at an affordable price. We also have the facility of providing you with a quote before you book us for your services. You can get your queries regarding our services resolved before you hire us for the maintenance of your trucks and cars.

  1. Professionalism:

    We provide services in emergency and on time. We do not interfere in your personal space and commit to our work professionally. We believe the best services can only be provided if the people receiving them are fully informed. Hence, we inform our clients about the reasons for the bad functioning of their cars and trucks.

  1. Punctuality:

    Without considering our comfort zone, we focus on the area that needs repairs and will inform you if we notice any other issue. We also assure that we repair the equipment in good condition and replace those that are worn out.

  1. Accessible:

    Our clients can easily contact us at the time of emergency, our mobile auto repair experts are always on the go.

Contact us on 0469 815 315 to get a free quote. Breeze Auto Service is here to help you with all your auto repair services.