Brake & Clutch Specialist in Cranbourne, South East Melbourne

The brake and clutch are both vital components of your car. If you are looking for reliable clutch and brake specialists in Cranbourne, South East Melbourne, look no further than Breeze Auto Service. Our modern workshop is equipped with the latest computerised equipment for every kind of brake and clutch repair or replacement. Whether you want to get your car’s brake or clutch checked, repaired or replaced – we’ve got you covered. The trained brake & clutch specialists at our auto service centre can handle the vehicles of every model made.

What is included in our Brakes and Clutches Repairs?

Whenever your car’s clutch or brake is performing below par, visit our workshop for inspection and repairs. No job is too small or complicated for our car and brake mechanics – they have years of training and experience. They can handle and work on all modern and high-end cars with equal skill, finding the root cause of any fault. Using computerised fault detection technology at our workshop in Cranbourne, we provide:

brake and clutch repair melbourne
  • Routine inspection
  • Cleaning and minor repairs
  • Fluid top-up
  • Major repairs
  • Brake and clutch replacement

At Breeze Auto Service, our car mechanics take great pride in their workmanship and ensure that the issue is resolved with perfection. The brake is a critical safety feature of your car and hence our brake repair mechanics work on all components with utmost care. This includes but is not limited to brake pads, rotors, car brake callipers, brake lines, brake line repair etc.

Clutch repair is another area of expertise of our team. They can inspect, clean, and repair every component of the clutch system of your car. It includes clutch plates, pressure plates, flywheels, and release bearings. Most of the time, only routine cleaning and minor repairs are required. If these are done timely, there is no requirement to change the entire clutch assembly.

When is the Right Time to Check the Clutch and Brake System?

You need to keep the brake and clutch of your car in perfect working order. However, these are the various signs that you need to get your car’s brakes checked:

  • Squealing noises: This is one of the most common indications that your car’s brake needs to be checked. If you have noticed any squealing noise when you use the brakes, do not ignore it. Often this points to the thinning of brake pads which needs proper inspection and service.

  • Grinding noise: It is a sign that your brakes need immediate attention. This noise comes after the brake pads are worn out and the rotors come in direct contact with metal. Do not ignore this and get it checked by our trained mechanics.

  • Vibrations: Another sign of brake-related issues is when you feel a vibration or pulsating sensation while driving. This may come from the brake pedal or the steering wheel when you use the brakes. Most often it means warped rotates; this reduces the effectiveness of the brake and you are not able to stop the vehicle safely.

  • Soft brake pedal: The reason for the soft brake pedal can be leakage of brake fluid or air entering the brake lines. In either case, you need to get it checked and repaired by a qualified car mechanic to ensure the proper working of the braking system

  • Long stopping: Another warning sign of the serious braking issue is the long stopping. If you are not able to stop your car where you intend, it means that the brakes need urgent attention. This is one of the most risky situations and can compromise the safety of drivers, passengers, and others on the road.

These are the various signs that you need to get your car’s clutch checked:

  • Difficulty in shifting gears: A common sign of clutch issues is when you face difficulty in changing gears.

  • Slipping clutch: Another tell-tale sign of clutch issues is slipping. There may be an increase in RPM without the increase in your car’s speed. This is a clear sign that the clutch is not able to properly transfer power between the engine and the wheels.

  • Vibration in pedal: Have you noticed any vibration or pulsations when you press the clutch? The reason for this can be a warped pressure plate or similar issues that need to be checked and fixed by a professional.

Benefits of Getting Brake and Clutch Repaired On Time

The importance of getting your car’s brake and clutch checked cannot be overemphasised. These components are not just related to driving comfort but are an essential safety feature of your car. If the brakes or clutch system of your car is working below par then you might be taking a risk. Getting your brake and clutch checked, repaired or replaced comes with a host of benefits, such as:

  • High safety: The most important reason for getting the brake and clutch repaired is of course safety. You cannot imagine driving safely with a faulty clutch or improperly working brake.

  • Short stopping: When your brakes are working properly, you have a shorter stopping distance. This means that you can stop your car where and whenever you want. This gives you immense confidence that you’ll be able to brake, slow down or stop at a critical moment when driving.

  • Prevention: Timely checking and repair by clutch and brake specialists also help to prevent their failure at critical movements. It helps in the early detection of faults that can be fixed before they jeopardise your safety.

  • Cost-effective: Timely repair of your car’s brake and clutch prevents any further damage to the system. Our car mechanics can inspect, locate, and repair any minor issues before they escalate and lead to a system failure, preventing expensive replacements.

  • Increased life span of parts: Timely servicing and repairs of these components also help to increase their lifespan. This helps to reduce wear and tear of brake pads, rotors, and other key parts.