Reliable Car Aircon Repair in Cranbourne, South East Melbourne

The car aircon system requires timely maintenance for optimal performance throughout the journey. If you are searching for reliable car aircon repairs in Cranbourne, South East Melbourne look no further! Breeze Auto Service is one of the leading workshops for aircon repairs of cars and all other vehicles.

Our car aircon specialists can work on auto air conditioning systems of various makes and models. They ensure that the car aircon is in perfect working condition to help you get the perfect environment to drive with comfort.

Our Range of Air Conditioning Repairs and Services

Are you planning a long cross-country trip or venturing out in blazing summer heat or chilly winter months? Driving is enjoyable when you have a properly functioning aircon in your car. Before any long journey, it is advisable to get your aircon checked and serviced. We offer the most comprehensive range of aircon repairs for cars and other vehicles in South East Melbourne.

Our car aircon servicing and repairs include but are not limited to:

  • Overall system inspection
  • Diagnostic check of all car aircon parts
  • refrigerant leakage check
  • Check and remove bacteria/mould build-up
  • Replacing aircon gas and air filter
  • Aircon disinfection
  • Replacing worn-out components
  • Inspection of drive belts, pulleys and other parts
  • Checking aircon performance and tuning
  • Condenser check and cleaning
  • Electric components and wiring check
  • Performance tests and adjustments
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When is the Right Time to Service Your Car’s Aircon?

For every trip, short or long, you need your car’s aircon to be in perfect working condition. Not only does it help to maintain the right temperature in the car, but it also purifies or cleans the air. Regular and timely checking or auto aircon repair is a must for comfortable driving. Here are the various tell-tale signs of issues with the aircon that require checking, servicing, or repair by mechanics:

  • Non-effective cooling: Is your car aircon not cooling effectively? It may need thorough checking, cleaning, and servicing by our experts. The accumulation of dust and dirt, faulty components and a leak that needs car aircon leak repair– various factors can lead to a dip in its performance.

  • Unpleasing odours: Another common issue with aircon is the strange odour that comes out of the air vent. They may point to the presence of mould or bacterial growth. These can be removed with aircon servicing and you get better air with no unpleased odour.

  • Noisy working: Do you hear strange noises when you switch on your vehicle’s aircon? They may point to issues with the aircon’s components that can be fixed by a professional.

  • High moisture: This may be due to a clogged drain tube that can be easily fixed by car aircon mechanics. If not treated, this can lead to excessive moisture or water accumulation in the cabin.

  • Scheduled maintenance: Never miss your car’s scheduled servicing or maintenance like car aircon regas service. Regular servicing also helps to clean the aircon of dirt and contaminants and fix any snags before they develop into major faults.

  • Before long/cross-country drive: If you are planning a long journey on your car or a cross-country drive, it is best to get your car’s aircon checked, serviced and repaired. During the long journey, there is excessive pressure on the vehicle’s air conditioning system. Hence, it is best to get it checked to help you have a smooth ride.

  • Before the change of season: Get your car’s aircon checked before the change of season, which is the onset of summer or winter months. This helps to remove any contaminants, fix snags, or bring the refrigerant gas to the required level.

Advantages of Car Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Car air conditioning repair or service is an investment that pays off itself with better performance. Here are the several benefits of getting your car aircon serviced or repaired on time:

  • Improved cooling: One of the biggest advantages of timely aircon compressor repairs is that you get better cooling. The aircon mechanics clean the air filters of all dirt and contaminants as well as fix minor snags. This results in better cooling or heating that adds to your driving comfort.

  • Better air quality: The aircon servicing also involves the removal of all disinfectants. This removes bacterial growth and gives you better air quality.

  • Energy efficiency: When the aircon is faulty or is performing below par, it consumes more energy. With a clean and serviced aircon, you get improved fuel efficiency. It also helps to reduce the pressure or strain on the car’s engine.

  • Preventive measure: Getting your car’s aircon serviced regularly ensures that any snags are detected and fixed timely. This helps to prevent them from developing into major faults that can lead to aircon tripping, failure, or costly repairs later.

  • Increased lifespan of components: This also extends the lifespan of the various components. With regular servicing, the premature wear and tear of any parts can be avoided.

Why Choose Breeze Auto Service?

For best-in-class car aircon repair in Cranbourne, and South East Melbourne, look no further than Breeze Auto Service. No job is too small or too complicated for our aircon mechanics who possess years of experience. Whatever the model or make of your car, we can fix its aircon with utmost perfection and at affordable prices. With us, you get:

  • Expert mechanics
  • All models and makes’ aircon serviced
  • Comprehensive services
  • High-quality parts and refrigerant gas
  • No hidden costs
  • All charges upfront
  • Transparent billing
  • On-time delivery

For queries and service or repair appointments call us on 0469 815 315. You can also email us at and our team will assist you.


There are many signs that your car’s aircon may need to be repaired. Bring it to us if you find a drop in cooling efficiency, strange odours, unusual noises, or too much moisture inside your car. This may be because of refrigerant leaks, other system issues, or mould growth. Strange noises could be because of snags with the various components. While a clogged drain tube can cause excessive moisture. If you notice any of these signs, you be well advised to get your car’s aircon professionally inspected and repaired.

Breeze Auto Service is among the best car air conditioning services or regas in Cranbourne. As a trusted auto repair centre, we have experienced mechanics who use the latest diagnostic tool