Major Mechanical Car & Truck Service Repair in Lyndhurst

Driving through the busy streets of Lyndhurst can be tough, especially when your car or truck is not in proper condition. The warm weather of Lyndhurst can make you suffer in case your truck and car air conditioners are not functioning properly.

Our truck and car service help to ensure that your cars and trucks are always in the best condition. Breeze Auto Service provides easy and stress-free servicing at its auto shop in Lyndhurst. The automotive specialists at our place can help you with car tyre puncture repair, car suspension repair, car aircon service, and more. Our major services and minor services are also provided for heavy vehicles like trucks and 4wds.

You may need the services of truck and car repair specialists anywhere in Lyndhurst or beyond. Our auto repair services are extended to all suburbs of the city. In case your vehicle is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, we can have our team provide logbook service for the same. Our automotive specialists work with the highest standard and as per manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure that the original components of your vehicle have their warranty remains intact.

Our Range of Services Includes:

Breeze Auto Service provides a varied range of services in Lyndhurst relating to your vehicle including:

  1. Roadworthy Certification:

    Since we are licensed vehicle inspectors, we can provide you with a roadworthy certificate. We do it after a thorough inspection of the safety components of your vehicle. We provide the certification only if your vehicle complies with the safety standards in Lyndhurst.

  1. Truck and car aircon repair:

    Our Lyndhurst auto care service includes the repair of air conditioners of your vehicle by the best team of truck and car aircon technicians. We have technicians that have experienced extensive training to work on cars and truck air conditioners. The technicians can work on all the models of the vehicles. In case of emergency or when you require routine mechanical repairs, you can contact us for your car and truck repairs.

  1. Clutch and brake specialists:

    Brake & clutch specialists in our auto workshop can deal with any issue with the brakes and clutch of your cars and trucks. There can be problems with your brake lines, brake fluid, clutch functioning. We can take care of it all. You may notice these problems while you turn on and off of your vehicle, or while you change the speed. You may also notice the problem when your vehicle makes loud noises. In these cases, our car mechanical services can help in regular servicing and repair of brakes and clutches.

  1. Car mechanic service for tires:

    Your car and trucks can have varying sizes and types of tyres. In case you need them to be replaced, you can discuss the options with our specialised mechanic. Our auto care services in Lyndhurst covers repairing the regular wear and tear of your tyres and even replacing them in an emergency. Our area of services in local car repair includes flat tyre repairs, tyre rotation, tyre balancing, tyre mounting, and tyre fitting services in the most efficient way possible.

  1. Replacement of car and truck battery:

    In case you struggle to start your vehicle when you are ready to go to the office or for a ride, the problem may be with the battery of your vehicle. It is time to get your vehicle’s battery replaced. Our trained technicians identify the right kind of battery for your vehicle and fix it there. You can also call us if you require the battery replacement in an emergency.

  1. Alignment of the wheel:

    You must get your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked regularly. We use the latest four-wheel alignment equipment to ensure that your wheels are aligned to the optimum position. We ensure that the vehicle’s wheels comply with the manufacturer’s specifications. Regularly getting your wheel alignment checked prevents you from serious accidents and loss of life and money.

Car Tyre & Suspension Repair in Lyndhurst

In case your vehicle’s wheels get punctured or wear and tear out, you can call us for immediate servicing. Each vehicle has a specific set of tyres and particular steering. Each steering possesses a particular steering track. In case the steering is out of the track, the tyres of your vehicle will suffer from wear and tear on a rapid basis.

Hence along with your vehicle’s tyres, you must get your vehicle’s steering examined regularly or at least every six months.

We at Breeze Auto Service are professional in our approach to rectifying your vehicle’s problem. We provide our services in an affordable range and at the time of your need. We can offer pre-inspection of your vehicle and list the problems and the quote faster and efficiently.

Contact us on 0469 815 315 to get a free quote. Breeze Auto Service is here to help you with all your auto repair services.